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Do you sell used tires?

Yes we do! Located outside, there is a self-service rack where you can look for the tire or tires you need. They are $25.00 a piece. Please stop by to view what is available as new tires are added every day.

Do you sell antifreeze?

Yes we do. We sell recycled antifreeze on-site. Red and green antifreeze is available for purchase at our counter for $4.00 a gallon.

Do you sell batteries?

Yes we do. They are 37.50 a piece and come with a one year warranty.

What are your business hours?

The office and yard are open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. However, our website is ALWAYS open!

Do you sell windshields?

We sell door glasses, quarter windows and back windows. However, we do not sell windshields. We recommend that you call your local glass supplier for windshields.

Can I buy drums or rotors from you?

No, we do not sell recycled drums or rotors. Please refer to your local new parts store.

Do you do installation on any parts?

We do not do installations. However, we would be glad to give you referrals to reputable garages in your area. Please give our sales staff a call for more information.

Can we pull our own parts onsite?

At this time, we do not allow customers into the yard. We remove and inspect all parts in our quality control center before shipping or customer pickup. Please call for parts needed or gladly shop our website here for what we have in stock and ready for delivery.

Do you buy wrecked car or unwanted vehicles?

Absolutely! Please call for more information. 610-689-1112

Are you a junkyard?

We are not termed as a junkyard. We are salvage yard that takes pride in being a premium recycled parts facility (Team PRP). What that means is: we strive to provide quality to our customers. Once a vehicle has become disabled, we try to salvage many useful parts and recycle them. We sell quality used parts from these vehicles which are cleaned and stored in our warehouses to prevent rust and decay. All of our parts are inventoried and stored so we can process your orders in a timely fashion. We stick to high standards to ensure that we are only delivering quality parts to you. (Please see our ARA/Cieca Parts Guide for more information.) Reused parts are really “green” parts and are good for the environment. Our experienced technicians expertly take apart the cars. The technicians drain and remove necessary fluids from the vehicles. Some of these fluids can be reused as well. Team PRP Recyclers are acredited and certified by several industry titles and are leaders in this area. Our shop is in complete compliance with federal and state regulations. When a car is properly dismantled:

*70% of the car is REUSED
*25% of the car is RECYCLED
*And only 5% becomes TRASH

Our processing occurs in a very environmentally friendly way and it demonstrates why Chuck’s Auto Salvage is considered a “green” company. This is why the term “junkyard” cannot apply to us!

Do you guarantee your parts?

Yes, we offer one year and six month parts and labor warranties on all parts. However, we do offer a 90 day limited warranty, if you prefer. Please see our Parts and Labor Warranties section under the CONTACT US page for more information.

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